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Electronic Potential Meter

INR 1500



R.R.Electronics is the Leading Electronic Potential Meter Manufacturers , Suppliers in Faridabad | Haryana | Noida | Delhi | NCR | Punjab |Rajasthan | India. INTRODUCTION: R.R’s Electronics Potentiometer is a fully solid static device to replace the conventional “motor Operated Potentiometer” (M.O.P.’s) which are used to give 0.0 to 10.0 Volts D.C speed setter voltage in the drives. SALIENT FEATURES: 1. Fully solid state electronic circuitry gives you long trouble free service. 2. Digital locking of input commands to ensure stable output for infinite time. 3. Power-up Auto zero facility. 4. Instant reset brings the output by the press of reset push button. 5. Seperate UP, DOWN and RESET push buttons. 6. Paralleling of UP/DOWN push buttons can be done to any number for remote applications in the plant. 7. Red/Green colour LED’s are provided to indicate UP/DOWN commands. 8. Independent ramp adjustments of UP/DOWN command controls the time in which the output varies from 0.0V to 10.0V D.C. & vice versa. 9. Buffered output can operate any standard T.T.L load. 10. Output span adjustment by a single multiturn trimpot. 11. Can be operated on 15-0-15 Volts A.C or D.C 12. Very economical as compared to conventional motor operated Potentiometer (M.O.P) SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Supply Voltage : 15-0-15 Volts AC + 20% or + 24 V D.C. 2. Output : a) 0.0 Volts to 10.0 V D.C./10 mA. b) Span adjustment by P3 (6.0 to 11.0). c) Resolution - 40 mV. d) Stability - Infinite (Digitally locked.) 3. Commands : a) UP By a push button indicated by red LED. This time can be adjusted by the preset P1 to change the output from 0 to 10V in 2 to 20 seconds. b) DOWN By a push button indicated by green LED. This time can be adjusted by the preset P2 to change the output from 10V to 0V in 2 to 20 seconds. c) RESET Instantaneous by the press of reset push button, also indicated by the green LED. 4. Dimension : 4” X 4”.

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